Baptiste Dubanchet, Cyclist and Skipper

Baptiste Dubanchet is the holder of this project and will pedal the kilometers by bike and pedal boat. Born in July 1988 in Bourges (France) he studied in La Rochelle, graduated with a Master in Sustainable Development in 2012, his studies led him to visit many countries on 4 continents. In 2014, he made a first journey of 4000 km by bike feeding only with food from trash across 7 European countries. The project was rewarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, also allowed him to meet various actors around food waste, and bring back some ideas in France, including shared fridges.

Baptiste Dubanchet

Jean-Gabriel Chelala, Project Support

Jean-Gabriel Chelala was born in Lebanon, he lived his first years at the heart of the conflict before joining France. In 2008 he set out for a crossing of the Atlantic on a pedal boat and joined Portugal to Florida 4 months later and 9,250 kilometers. In 2009 he set up a company in renewable energies and today runs about 20 people. Since 2014, he accompanies Baptiste on this project, well positioned to advise him since he has already made the crossing on the same pedal boat.

Clémence Papoin, Communication

Clémence Papoin comes from La Rochelle. She uses her studies in international business to travel on several continents. After a master specialized in webmarketing & e-business, she settled in Paris and worked for a large French groups. But after 3 years of Parisian life, she decided to leave for Australia during a year, to work and travel. Back in France, she moved to the Basque Country where she advises companies on web strategy. Her commitment to the project in 2014 has made it known worldwide, with very good visibility on the internet.

Wilfried Kaiser, Realization, Video Editing

Wilfried Kaiser is a Touraine director. He works for TV Tour where he holds a chronicle on stage and produces reports on cultural events. He also works for 37 degrees mag mainly in the cultural field on movie chronicles. He has already realized 3 short films, 5 episodes of a web-series and 3 clips. Wilfried will be able to produce a quality documentary about the journey, as well as the solutions studied around food waste during the journey.

Alice Rorrison, Community Manager

Alice Rorrison is a Franco-English, she is passionate about Sustainable Development. After studying Languages and Economics in La Rochelle, China and Sydney she obtain a Master of Political Sciences, in International Organizations, Environment and Humanitarian, she works at UNEP United Nation Environmental Programme. Convinced that the transition to a more sustainable world will be largely done by companies, she embarks on studies in CSR and works for a large group. She finally joins the project La Faim du Monde to put her skills at the service of a cause that is dear to her: to put an end to food waste.

Léa Herbreteau, Press Relation & Sponsoring

Léa Herbreteau is from Vendée, she studied between Rennes and La Rochelle. Initially specialized in Asia Pacific, she moved to China, then to New Zealand. After a master's degree in International Management, she went to work in Paris, then Brittany, in Rennes. Realizing that none of these companies correspond to her own values, she leaves her job to travel across Europe. She then joined the team around the project La Faim du Monde 2017 to help stop food waste.

Vanessa Gilbert, Nutrition & Dietetic

Vanessa Gilbert is from Tours, she has been a dietician and nutritionist since 1997, in 2011 she learns and practices in shiatsu, to complete her knowledge and give a philosophical and energetic dimension to her discipline. She practices in Tours and considers dietetics as a soft medicine, interested in all its dimensions: biological, sociological, cultural, hedonic, etc. And practice in joy and good humor. She creates projects around food including the Ateliers of Saperlipopote and is involved in various associations on Tours in order to rediscover the interest and importance of this science for our well-being.

Antoine Vernier, Searcher

Antoine Vernier is a racing enthusiast often to raise awareness or raise funds. He has made the Altriman, one of the most demanding triathlons in the world and the Grand Raid of the Pyrenees, a most extreme race, for an association fighting against undernutrition of children in the Himalayas. He is now mission manager, Waste Prevention and Management at ADEME. Working mainly on food waste, his experience will allow to carry out a study of quality, and useful for the actors in agri-food.

Léa Cothias, Routeuse

Léa Cothias is from Cevènnes in Lozère in the wilderness. Since her childhood, she is passionate about various outdoor sports such as climbing, mountain biking, caving, or canyoning ... She decides to study biology and ecology before finding her vocation: sailing . This area allows her to reconcile all her passions, travel, astronomy, fishing, environment, mechanics, cartography and weather. She is now a sailing instructor and will help Baptiste during the crossing since he will not have any material on board to forecast the weather.

Léa Cothias

Michel Chauvin, Logistic

Michel Chauvin is from a small rural village in the Sarthe. At 20 years of age, he leaves for Algeria for his military service and catches the traveler's virus. In 1970, he began his career as an international driver in the transport of cars, and took advantage of his holidays to discover other countries and cultures on various continents. At retirement, he left, truck and highways, to walk on the way to St Jacques de Compostela. Then he enrolled as a volunteer at the Restos du Coeur in Tours where he still leads a truck, it is in this context that he meets Baptiste.


Julien Gaurin, Kinésithérapeute du sport



Julien Gaurin

Jean Loup Hadjadj, Sports Doctor

Jean Loup Hadjadj is an osteopathic physician from Tours. He settled there ten years ago, he is also professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Tours where he is part of the band as a trumpet player. Since 2013 he is a doctor of the national teams of rugby with the FFR, and in 2017 is appointed medecine of the french team for the XV. He has followed Baptiste for over a year, and in case of medical difficulty, the skipper can contact him by satellite phone in order to get his precious advice again.

Sarah Benoit, Sports Coach

Sarah Benoit is From Tours, she oriented herself in the sport as a commercial, and participates in various social, educational and sporting projects like sport in a prison in Orléans, or the handicap in Tours with "moves ta box". She then specializes in fitness sports responsible for a fitness club and coach for the past 7 years. Now she is interested in a project in the field of energy saving, jellyfisher.

2014... La Naissance d'un projet

En 2014, il part traverser 7 pays européens en ne s’alimentant qu’avec la nourriture destinée à être jetée. De Paris à Varsovie, 4000 km seront pédalés grâce à des calories issues du gaspillage alimentaire.

Fort de cette expérience, Baptiste retourne à Tours et se rapproche des associations Disco Soupe, Slow Food et la SEPANT, dont il sera salarié, avec des missions variées sur la lutte contre le gaspillage alimentaire.

Dés 2014, il entre en contact avec Jean-Gabriel Chelala et commence à préparer ce nouveau parcours qui a pour objectif de faire disparaître toutes les dates de péremptions inutiles.

Ce projet a permis de remporter le prix anti-gaspi citoyen en 2014 décerné par le ministère de l'Agriculture.

Et pour 2017 ?

En 2017, le projet permettra d'attirer l'attention sur une pétition demandant de supprimer ou rendre bien plus compréhensible les dates de péremption sur certains produits.

Beaucoup trop de consommateurs pensent encore à tord, que dépasser la date de plusieurs années sur un emballage où il est inscrit "à consommer de préférence avant..." les rendra malades. En réalité, même 10 ans après, il n'y a aucun risque sanitaire.

Une meilleure compréhension permettrait de réduire considérablement le gaspillage alimentaire en Europe, sans faire le moindre effort.


Si, vous aussi, vous sentez concerné par le gaspillage alimentaire, rejoignez l'aventure !