10,000 kilometers on a bike and in a pedal boat

to fight food waste!


Pedal from Paris to New York City with food meant to be discarded or that are past «best before» date.
Study food freeze-drying to reduce food waste and ask to a ban on «best before dates» (BBD)
Raise awareness about food waste in schools and other organizations.

Why cross the Atlantic?

Crossing the Atlantic on a pedal boat is a powerful way to raise awareness and trigger consumers’ interest. It’s about pedaling from Paris to New York City, powered only by calories that would otherwise have been discarded, to show just how much food we waste.
While 870 million people suffer from malnutrition in the world, developed countries allow themselves to produce too much and to import too much. In the end one third of all the food produced on Earth is wasted. The team wishes to remind each and everyone of us of our responsibility in this issue, which is both a human and environmental disaster.

Solutions to stop waste

A study will be conducted on freeze drying (also called lyophilization). It is about comparing the energy used today to destroy food surplus and create new ones, compared to the energy consumed to dry freeze this surplus. Dry freezing is a way of conserving food by draining all of its water out. Without water bacterias can’t develop.
A petition asks to ban Best Before Dates, called «DMD» in the European Union (Date of Minimum Durability). Dry products can actually be consumed years after these dates have passed. Baptiste, will prove it, on the pedal boat, by eating only food whose DMD has expired, sometimes more than 10 years ago. People often confuse these date with «Use by» dates, and throw away untouched food. Production date alone could be left, informing the consumer of the age of the product, without implying it is not good anymore.
  • Use by: consuming the product after this date presents a health risk
  • DMD: no risk for the health, even 10 years later


Many meetings are scheduled on the road. Awareness-raising activities and conferences will be organized in primary and secondary schools and other educational institutes. Baptiste’s journey illustrates the extent of the waste, and it is an original way of raising awareness about food waste. The motivation and the part of anger pushing Baptiste to take on such a challenge also show there is no such thing as an insolvable issue, and that everyone can take action.
Baptiste left Paris on January 6th, 2017, his journey will go through France, Spain, Morocco, the Atlantic and the United States. .

Paris-Gibraltar: bicycle

Agadir - Martinique : Pedal boat

Miami - New York City: Bicycle

The bike being quite heavy, daily trips will vary between 50 to 100 kilometers from Paris to the Ocean. Crossing the Atlantic will be done in about three month. The last portion will be between Miami and New York City, on a bike.