Amsterdam to Nijmegen

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From now, I don’t know where I will sleep in many cities to come, I’ll have to spend more time looking for people who can host me, and therefore spend less time to tell what is happening … especially that the blog will be in Frenc/English now. I can probably tell more of what happened after my return home. Because every meeting or discussion with the traders and locals is unique.
The stay in Amsterdam was good, but I have not been able to find high school to present my project.

I have obtained for the first time remains in a fast food, not much, but the fact that the manager has accepted, that is huge.
The last day in Amsterdam , I went back into the shop of the first day, and I talked a lot more with the manager and the employee. He told me that it was a great project and was happy to give me this food.  Before he gave it to an association for the homeless , until the day when out with friends, he saw the man who had recovered unsolds ,  selling them on the street .
I am left with 5 sandwiches, 2 croissants and share pie ( pies disappeared from the fridge of the youthhostel ) .
These sandwiches plus some radishes and carrots in a grocery store … I have lot of food for the road ahead , even better, I have an address in the next town.
This is the address given by a photographer that I have found for a shoot in Amsterdam. My next stop is in her hometown where she worked.
Unfortunately, I left too late from Amsterdam, more rain and my taste for detours , I arrived after closing time…
So I went to  Sandra Dick, who hosted me in their eco-village in Culemborg .
I got their, Dick was returning from the farm in the village , where he had explained my project. The farmer agreed to give him what had not been sold .
The meal will be great, ( radishes, tomatoes , lettuce , endive, potatoes , onions, peppers ) and my hosts wonderful. I contacted them on warm showers (not couch surfing ), they are passionate about cycling and do not have a car.
The next day we went for a walk to the village where there ‘s no barriers , common gardens , and where people take care themselves of public spaces.
Then I went on, after listening to the recommendations of Dick for the route to follow.


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