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unnamed unnamed[3] pains bananes premiers produits polonais un peu perdu

After Poznan I got to the town of Konin in two days, camping out overnight, somewhere in between the two cities. After having found some apples, a dozen bananas and 5 intact eggs in a huge pile of fruit and vegetables inside a waste bin, I arrived in Konin where Bartek was waiting for me.

In the evening, he took me around, I saw the second triumphal arch built for Napoleon, and gigantic basilica of Our-Lady-of-Licheń standing in the middle of the open countryside.

On the next day, I went with Bartek to his workplace where he set up a project to transform an old dilapidated building. It is now a meeting place for various organizations, with accommodation to help persons with reduced mobility in becoming independent and finding work, as well as a youth hostel (the Blues Hostel) run by the tenants. The project is unique in Europe, and Bartek is visited by city councilors from the neighboring countries.

From Konin, I reached the town of Kutno where I was hosted by couh surfer Justina: that was the last time I had to refuse any food from a host.

The next day, I left for Warsaw that I was to reach two days later, but at 5pm I passed a sign indicating the capital 55km further. I didn’t feel like waiting one more night, and I still had chocolate, honey, apricots, bananas, the 3 tins I’ve been carting since Luxemburg, candy… a whole lot of waste! So I kept riding until I reached, after 10pm, Warsaw, where I was greeted by Nathalie, head of the food banks in Poland. It was her who had pointed me to Bartek in Konin, and she herself was contacted by Alain Seugé, head of foodbanks in France.

I really didn’t think I would manage this trip when I left Paris, so I am glad I won my bet and that it’s over now. But what’s really bothering is that such a crazy plan is possible: I rode 4000km (instead of the 3000 planned) only eating what was being thrown away, in cities I didn’t know.


I should be going back to Paris on the 3rd of July, and will cycle from there back to Tours.

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